Best Painting of 2013

Best painting 2012 by American artist Lou Majors

His Best painting 2014 by American artist Lou Majors

Best Painting Of 2013

by American artist Lou Majors
Asheville, NC USA

Runner Up Painting 2012 Lou Majors

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A Message From Further Evolved Parts Of Yourself

Received this very important and timely message this morning:

Stop trying to fix yourself!

Let go of your story about your body…
ALLOW the energy of it’s evolution.

Let go of your current story about yourself….
ALLOW the open energy of a new story
one you are writing from a more evolved
perspective than your present ego.

A mantra:
I am existence.
I am the power in my space.
I feel and allow a new energy for my form to evolve.
I open up and feel the energy of a new beautiful story
of my existence mirroring the energy of pure self-love.

Blessings to you!



Copyright © 1999-2010 Lou Majors

Can You LOVE Yourself?



It’s really simple.

Existence is conscious energy.
It creates and explores patterns within itself.
As it evolves form and intellligence these beings (you and I) can
create our own energetic patterns or ‘magnetic resonance’ through
our thoughts and expectations fueled by our emotions.

The easiest and simpliest way to create my perfect environment
is to love myself completely and emotionally all the time. This will
automatically synchronize my experience with all the elements to
reinforce my self-love and joy.

More on existence and you here:



Copyright © 1999-2010 Lou Majors


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